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José Camelô

André Ramiro debuted as an actor in Tropa de Elite (Elite Squad), a film famously billed as the most watched Brazilian DVD ever. A leaked version of the film flooded the streets of Brazil to be sold by camelô (street … Continue reading

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“We Don’t Just Want Police”

“What would you do if you organized the baptism of your son, or the birthday party of your daughter, and the police banned the event a few hours before it starts? This is happening in many favelas of Rio. Because … Continue reading

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Maga Bo- Quilombo do Futuro

I feel extremely lucky to meet Maga Bo through my fieldwork a few years ago. He is one of the most adventurous, yet deeply tranquil people I know anywhere. He has finished a new album and is seeking help with … Continue reading

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Rio Parada Funk

Originally posted on Dutty Artz: A week before Rio Parada Funk, the largest baile funk ever, Brazil’s Institute for Historical Patrimony and National Art (IPHAN) informed the press that they were going to veto its location in the historical epicenter … Continue reading

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Peace for the Pirates

Originally posted on DUTTY ARTZ [Go to :37 to skip the song’s credit intro] Well not “pirates” exactly, but camelô, hawkers. For years I thought street vendors were called “camels” (camelo) and wondered about the connection. And, in Rio de … Continue reading

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The Second Gay Parade in the World’s “Largest Favela”

“I’m going to the gay parade because my dad’s gay,” I heard from outside my window as I woke up two Sundays ago. My neighbor’s 16 year old grandson repeated this to whoever passed through our beco (alley) in Rocinha. … Continue reading

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A week ago as I walked besides the still-not-entirely-closed off sewer stream in Rocinha, the favela where I’ve been living in Rio de Janeiro, a truck approached. Bamboo stalks and palm fronds filled the bed of the truck. Several young … Continue reading

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