Critical Karaoke at EMPLA


Experience Music Project LA Pop Conference

Bringing together academics, musicians, and critics, this year’s EMP Pop Conference is happening right now simultaneously in Seattle, Cleveland (Rock and Roll Hall of Fame), New York, New Orleans, and Los Angeles. The localization lends itself to the “Locals Only: Pop and Politics in This Town” title for LA’s conference.

The opening night’s, “It All Dies Anyway: LA, Jabberjaw, and the End of an Era,” was a fantastic roundtable discussion of and remembrance of LA’s legendary, all-ages independent music venue, which lasted from 1989-1997.

Tomorrow I’m excited to participate in Critical Karaoke at REDCAT Theatre. Each of us will have the length of a song to discuss it as the song plays in the background. I enjoy the playfulness of the idea and how it experiments with form and performance. The organizers promise a “jukebox of eclectic tastes, knowledge and styles.”

See the full EMPL.A. schedule up here.

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