The materialities of sampling: a lecture

O MPC do Sany

Tomorrow I’m thrilled to be guest lecturing for Wendy Hsu‘s class on Digital Music-Cultures at Occidental College. Wendy is a Fellow at the Center for Digital Learning and Research. As part of her series on Digital Ethnography, she recently wrote a fascinating piece engaging and experimenting with sound, “Magnifying the Materiality of Culture.”

In the class I will be discussing sampling in funk carioca in relation to  technological change, aesthetics, and networked authorship. To provide a comparison and contrast to my research in Brazil, I assigned a chapter from Kembrew McLeod and Peter DiCola’s Creative License: The Law and Culture of Digital Sampling. The reading gets at a history of the rise and fall of sampling in the U.S. and the litigiousness surrounding music and copyright in American hip-hop. I hope the class will be provoke questions and conversation around the politics and cultures of music sampling, fair use, and the materialities of exchange and creativity.

Cientista DJ in 1992 (check out 2:15)

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