Zuzuka Poderosa’s First EP!

Zuzuka Poderosa in Rio February 11 (photo from RioCabana)

If anyone can rep transnational baile funk, it’s Zuzuka Poderosa. Her first EP “Sonora Remezcla: Zuzuka Poderosa” dropped last month. Her cover of Fausto Fawcett is my personal favorite of the album.

Zuzuka and I met organically. At parties. On a snowy Brooklyn night in 2008 at Glasslands. Then months later in Rio de Janeiro at Sany Pitbull’s former residency at Pisto 3. When we ran into each other on the cobblestone streets of Santa Teresa, we finally wrote each emails down. In August of that year, I stopped by her loft in East Williamsburg. She prepared us coffee and told me about her background from Brazil, to the Cayman Islands, to Indonesia, then the hustle of New York City, where she DJ’d before she began MC’ing.

Two years ago I was lucky to be living part-time in New York and going to her parties for some of the best dancing in the city. This February, on her impromptu Brazilian tour, I caught up with her at a Guetto Step party at a rooftop in Centro. The e-flier hailed it as the “first  party in Rio to mix dubstep with baile funk.” The crowd looked more cosmopolitan hipster than ghetto, and I would have liked to hear more bailestep, or whatever they hybrid name they had in mind. But Zuzuka tore up her 3am–or was that 4am?– set, echoing the tamborzão beatbox machine-gun-like into the night.

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