Aqui O Bagulho É Doido

The top song on–which claims to be “the biggest site of Funk on the Internet!”– is a beautiful, sad song from MC Smith. He is one of the MCs charged with forming a gang (with the other MCs), singing apologies for crime and criminals, and doing “marketing” for drug trafficking. More than a week later, everyone is still in jail.
This song is one of the sharpest critiques of politics and continuing poverty, I’ve heard in while. It’s long (for funk), and this is (a rough translation) of how it ends:
“Doctor bring your family and forget your racism for a day / Come visit the favela because today I’ll pay for your tourism/ Come with your bulletproof car and pay attention / Because this is different from TV. It’s all live / We put you in power but you’re full of bitterness / Spending our money in Leblon and in Barra / We may look like you, but we’re different / Because I don’t steal from the poor to buy a house on the beach”

MC Smith & MAGO- Aqui O Bagulho É Doido

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2 Responses to Aqui O Bagulho É Doido

  1. bent says:

    i’d like to listen to this song, but i can’t seem to access it even though i have dropbox. any ideas?

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