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… and this is all double-stacked

I went to my music journalist friend’s house on a archival funk carioca mission. I noticed that many of the earlier commercially released funk carioca albums do not recognize the artists.  Instead the big impresarios and DJs receive recognition. For instance, the back of Furacão 2000 Tornado Muito Nervoso credits the “Musical Selection: Rômulo Costa, Verônica Costa, Dennis DJ.” Only five out of forty tracks mention the MCs.

Planned data loss. It’s not just a result of pirated copies and international record labels or DJs exoticizing practices. Yes, funk is a shared folk music. But it’s also a very profitable folk music. Just much less so for the artists.

I particularly like these three songs. Brazilian cowboy calls, Brit rock, and beatboxing. As unexpected as lyrics about a girl who “to the rock sound of the Smith[s]… is shaking it to the ground.”

“Boi Parceiro”(Furacão 2000 Tornado Muito Nervoso 2)

“Montagem The Smith” (Pipo’s Evolution O Som do Futuro. I later found out that the singer is MC Saquinho)

“Glamourosa 2000” (Furacão 2000 Tornado Muito Nervoso)

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