Baile Funk Livre

The back of the flier:

“No dia 1º de setembro a lei que reconhece o funk como cultura completará 1 ano. E como não poderiamos deixar essa data passar em branco será feita uma FESTA no Circo Voador/RJ. A festa contará com participações de DJ’s e MC’s do Funk. Todos estão convidados: profissionais, artistas, admiradores do funk, imprensa, movimentos sociais e quem mais quiser. Data: 01 de setembro às 18:00h. Local: Rua dos Arcos, S/N – Lapa – RJ. Entrada Franca”

September 2010 marks the 1st birthday of a state law in Rio de Janeiro defining funk as a “cultural and musical movement” and funk artists as “agents of popular culture” whose rights must be respected.

Why did APAFUNK (the Association for Professionals and Friends of Funk) fight for this for over a year? At the time another state law had made all bailes funk (funk balls) illegal by making unique and impossible bureaucratic  demands of them. Metal detectors, on-site nurses, doctors, an ambulance. The entire baile was supposed to be filmed, with the tapes available to the police for six months after the event. Institutionalized aesthetic, classist discrimination. And the criminalization of the everyday.

Along with signing his name to pass a law recognizing funk is culture, state governor, Sergio Cabral revoked the earlier law which had made a legitimate baile an impossibility.

And, so September marks a year of the “legalization” of funk. Celebration is in order. Libera DJ!

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